Who we are


Confluence is an Architectural and engineering solutions firm, which is implementing best engineering management, practices to the ultimate satisfaction of its clients.

Founded in 1999, Confluence has become a leading regional multi-discipline consultancy, 50-strong as of 2016. The key to our success is a strategic vision, dedicated team, innovative design and complete transparency in our functioning. We have developed a large force of multidisciplinary professionals and an enviable network of associated Expertise. We have worked with Corporate, Private and Commercial organizations to plan and build facilities and have and have gained insights across the spectrum of architecture, engineering and management endeavours.

Today, we are better positioned than ever to provide clients with comprehensive, integrated and high quality engineering consultancy services in the Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Quantity Surveying, Cost Management, Project Management and Site Supervision. We continually challenge and improve the way we do things, both as individuals and as one team. With each passing year, we grow ever confident of our ability to provide solutions that will meet business needs in the new era, however challenging they are.

We welcome you to the world of Confluence and invite you to discover its capabilities and varied experience.

Our Philiosophy


Our vision is to deliver sustainable and tangible business value by listening, asking, analyzing and pro-actively engaging each client as a participant in design.

We aim to integrate research, strategy, and spatial concepts for occupants, designers and owners. Our process is deeply informed by the changing nature of working and learning globally, regionally, and locally, and is applied across a range of sectors.



Confluence believes that design is about aesthetics as well as utility. We use the latest, most innovative technologies and techniques to help translate our visions into reality.

Much research goes into the design of our buildings, characterized by strong conceptual intelligibility, use of breakthrough materials and rigorous approach to detailing. We believe in creating projects that are socially responsible, economical,

environmentally sustainable and inspirational. Constant use and awareness of new techniques and application of the latest technology helps in creating our visions to reality.

We build that which elevates the users experience, both in private and public realms. It is our great hope that our sustainable efforts today will positively impact and improve the lives of generations to come.



Our values are underpinned by the principles of humane and sustainable design. Lets DISECT those values and go in depth.

D. I. S. E. C. T.

Design It is the central node from which we build our practice.

Innovation The key to evolution and better aesthetics, technology and material, it is essential to our work process.

Integrity A value we hold true in all our work arenas, this is central to building sound foundations whether it is structures, processes or our relations to clients.

Sustainability This is a factor which is central in building enduring structures which are made keeping in mind the economic, social and environmental dimensions where the results of our creative work are socially purposeful as well.

Empathy In a holistic way, we empathize towards our clientsʼ needs and aspirations and keep it as priority while working on our projects

Collaboration While working on any projects we also like to enhance our capabilities through creative and productive collaborations with an interdisciplinary fraternity.

Transparency Closely tied to integrity, we keep our work methods clear and transparent to ensure a trustworthy relationship with our clients which grows every day.

Green Energy


Confluence has always been committed to creating sustainable, environment conscious structures. We anticipate the need for a shift to sustainable design that is built for optimal functionality: As the ecology changes, so must current architectural practices.



The idea of sustainability, or ecological design, is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the Opportunities of future generations. Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings. It uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation is the design of the built environment. It is design with a conscience. Components of sustainable architecture include:

1. Heating, ventilation and cooling system efficiency.

Our designs and layouts ensure efficient use of all equipments. The designs are such that reduce heating in summers by blocking the sun and lets sun enter the habitable spaces in winters.

2. Renewable energy generation

We incorporate additions to our design that can further reduce dependence on limited resources and recharge the environment to possible extent

3. Sustainable building materials

  • a. Recycled materials
  • b. Lower volatile organic compounds
  • c. Materials sustainability standards


To ensure that our design practices utilize the best and latest in sustainable architecture, we have a dedicated research team. We undertake a holistic approach to research, which is the incubator of innovation. We keep ourselves updated on:

  • State-of-the-art innovations in design
  • Building materials that are both conducive to environmental preservation and are cost effective.
  • New ways of utilising natural, renewable resources.
  • Design that is conscious of the surroundings.
  • Market research

We also conduct case studies on potentially ground breaking advances in this field. When we are entrusted with a project, we do not cut corners and our dedication to research reflects this.

Green Energy


Vishal Sharma B.Arch, Partner, Architect

Vishal co-founded Confluence in 1999 and has been responsible for the growth and strategic direction of the company. With 19 years of an impressive work portfolio, Vishal leads clients and colleagues in rich collaborations that produce dynamic, unexpected solutions informed by the program, site and culture of the client. In his earlier avatar he was responsible for project designing and management, specializing in large scale residential, commercial, serviced apartments, green building, IT and township projects. Vishal combines a strong sense of design with an understanding of construction techniques and commercial details that bring about finely executed projects thus contributing to Confluence as one of the more respected architectural practices today.


Vineeta Singhania SharmaB.Arch, Diploma in Fine Arts, Partner, Architect

Guided by a sense of curiosity and affinity for problem solving, Vineeta as the principal designer for many prominent Confluence’s projects, spearheads the formation of Confluence’s aesthetic of narrative architecture, where the natural history and cultural influences of a site’s location are joined to building program. The final result gives the work both emotional and intellectual resonance.


Kapil Razdan B.Arch, Partner, Architect

With 17 years of experience in architecture, Kapil, has been the lead design architect for many stunning designs where the physical structure of the building and visual stimulation have been pushed to extreme. His international experiences in the creative corporate fields of Reebok and Wizcraft have only managed to exponentially stimulate this drive. Kapil is particularly focused on the early phase design concepts and planning, including the explodes of sustainable design solutions.


Team Strength