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Bella Casa Ranchi, India

Bella Casa is inspired by European lifestyle. It is a seamless blend of safety features, healthy surroundings and delightful conveniences.


The 'Casa Romana' or the Commercial plaza at the entrance with the arcades on the ground floor is an interpretation of a classical Italian market place. In keeping with the theme of European architecture, the club house is reminiscent of the Flavian amphitheater better known as the Colosseum, an iconic ancient monument in Rome. Inside, the grand building houses a host of activities such as health club, indoor sports, library, meditation centre, swimming pool etc.


'Villa Espanol' or & 'Spanish cottages' at Bella Casa bring to life the quintessentially simple yet elegant features of Spanish architecture that have become a rage. It is the largest villa with four bedrooms, servant room and pool.


'Villa Britannica' or 'Colonial cottages' are for those who value harmony and orderliness. It houses three bedrooms, jacuzzi and has all other modern amenities.


'Villa Francais' or 'French Villas' is inspired from French architecture. Hipped roofs and quoins form essential element of elevation. The villa houses two bedrooms, jacuzzi and other important amenities.


'Appartamente Italiana' or 'Italian Tower' designed in Italian Home style that are simple yet have an elegance of their own. It is 4 storey tower that houses one bedroom apartments.

LOCATION Ranchi, India


Area 6.36 Acres Plot Area,
2.30 Lakh sq.ft Built-up Area