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Golf Housing

The luxury residences is a golf centric housing and it spreads over 100 acres of land with vast open green spaces, superb facilities and amenities.


The design pursues a future oriented high quality residential complex where the design is well harmonized with nature. There are over 400 luxury villas and each villa design guarantees good location with beautiful views. Every villa possesses a private pool, and landscaped area merging into the larger green area at the rear side of the villas.


The vast open space houses approximately 20 acres of golf green and 14 acres of landscaped green area.


The recreational activities in the complex include 3 number of fully loaded clubhouses-the experience centre, the moon club and the sky club. 5 acres of sports plaza,650 m long skywalk on the 28th floor and over 2 acres of terrace landscaped gardens merges the nature and built mass. It also houses 2.5 acres of commercial plaza.


The elevation combines straight lines with interlinked elements in a composition where there is balance and aesthetical appeal. Glass facades offers amazing and unobstructed view of the golf area and beautiful landscape outside.